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When my son was born, I dabbled in babywearing without even knowing it.  I wanted a Moby Wrap and my sister-in-law bought me fabric to wrap "moby style."  I tried it but never got the hang of it. Then my mom bought a Baby Bjorn for my husband since it was more manly.  As it turned out, I started using the Bjorn around the house, my son seemed to prefer it since he felt less confined.  There was only one problem it didn't solve - my son nursed to sleep and would not let me put him down.

I researched online and found patterns for no sew ring slings.  I went to Sling Rings and purchased rings so I could make my own sling.  My goal was to nurse in the sling and if Jadon fell asleep, he could sleep in the sling and I could get some simple things done, like getting something to eat!

My attempt failed - he would get too hot and start crying and stretching out his arms and legs to get more room.  I kept using the Bjorn until he got too heavy for me to carry comfortably - my back started to hurt.

I didn't know anyone to my knowledge who practiced babywearing to help me out so my journey in babywearing pretty much stopped here.

Back in March, I met a woman at my sister's wedding shower that was wearing her daughter in a ring sling.  Her daughter fell asleep in it and looked so comfy and cozy.  I began talking to her about it and she gave me information on a group on FB - Babywearing Love and Support.  GREAT GROUP!  I also found a local babywearing group C.O.B.B. Moms.

My Ah, Ha Moment
Last weekend, I was wearing Jadon in my sling through a day of shopping with Josh.  Jadon wanted to nurse, I easily switched him from a hip carry to a cradle carry and was able to nurse and walk around the store.  I used the tail end of my sling to cover him, so it was very discrete.  About 20 minutes later he started getting fussy because he was tired. I bounced him in the sling as I walked through the store and he fell asleep!  It was such a sweet moment for me.  I was able to nurse, put my son to sleep, and cuddle as I shopped! I was hooked!

The Search Begins
Recently I have been using the sling in a hip carry when I would go grocery shopping since Jadon did not like sitting in the child seat of the cart for very long, if at all.  The fabric I have been using is a bit too stretchy - Jadon likes to randomly lead backwards and "go upside down" as I am walking through the store.  Between that and his curiousness about everything, I decided that I wanted a carrier that would go on my back.  That way  he could be close to me and still be able to look around but out of the way at the same time.

I was scrolling through posts on Babywearing Love and Support and saw a link to PAXbaby!  PAXbaby offers many different style carriers - Ring Slings, Asian Style Carriers, Structured Carriers, Framed Carriers, and Wrap Slings as well as many accessories.  I was in heaven and overwhelmed at the same time.  I emailed Jillian for help.  She sent me a list of questions to help me narrow down my choices

Living in Georgia and it being springtime, I decided that I wanted a soft sided carrier (SSC) that has buckles instead of fabric to wrap and tie.  PAXbaby has been so great helping me decide on what carrier I should get.  They even have a rental system so that you can try a few carriers before purchasing one.  Even if you do not decide to rent one first, they have a 90 day return policy - you can't go wrong!  I have decided to get the Boba 3G SSC in Tweet.

Tweet Boba
Boba3G SSC in Tweet
I can't wait to place my order and start a new chapter in my babywearing lifestyle!

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