Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby #2 !

My Mother's Day started off with a positive pregnancy test!  I came downstairs to find my husband to tell him the good news.  He was very excited - he said that I trumped him and it should be Father's Day instead.

My husband got me 3 bouquets of flowers from him and Jadon and a beautiful card.  We went to River Stone Church.  Every time I go there I like it more and more.  My favorite part of the service was when the children in the church prayed for all the adults that work in the children's ministry program.  I love that the church promotes prayer so much, even with the young children! After church we ate lunch at my favorite restaurant, Bahama Breeze.  I love Bahama Breeze because the food is always good and consistent, service is great, and I love the atmosphere.  When we got home, my son slept for 2.5 hours!  That was a huge gift itself! All in all it was a simple, yet wonderful day!