Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Sign Language

I have been wanting to do baby sign language with Jadon for awhile now.  I have heard great things about it and my pediatrician recommended it.  Jadon loves to watch TV and play on his own, so I wanted something to do with him to counter act all the TV watching.  Yes I know, he really shouldn't be watching tv, but when that is  the only way you can get something accomplished you do it.  (I also purchased a Boba 3G from PAXbaby - totally into babywearing!)

Boba 3G in Dusk

While looking online for some information, I found Great resources and information.  I also purchased Baby Sign and Learn for my iPhone for $1.99.  Jadon loves my phone and it has a flashcard option.  You can even add your own picture of dad for the dad flashcard

I decided to start with 12 signs: Mama, Dada, ball, book, car, cat, diaper, eat, finished, milk, more, and truck.  All of which he encounters on a daily basis.  I don't think it matters how many you start off with, just pick things that your baby encounters on a daily basis.  You are not going to sit down and have a lesson - just sign the words as he interacts with things.  Like when I am nursing I will say milk and do the milk sign.

My only concern is that I will forget to do the signs!  Oh, and teaching them to Josh, but I am sure he will be a good sport about it.  Especially the Dada sign!

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  1. Signing Times is awesome!
    Gabriella started signing at 8 months old. We all used to know the songs and the signs to go with them. Good Luck!