Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday!!

1) I got in a 30 minute walk on my Treadclimber.
2) The times I spent working with Josh on landscape and hardscape jobs.
3) Jadon's smile.
4) Bouncy Seat!
5) Forgiveness.
6) Watermellon and feta salad.
7) Way FM radio station streaming through my computer.
8) Helpful strangers - one put my groceries in my trunk at Walmart.
9) A husband that is anxious to spend time with his son after working outside in the heat all day building retaining walls and laying pavers.
10) The view outside my living room window - waiting for my hummingbirds to come back.

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  1. thanks for participating! i think it's a great way to gain exposure---blog hops. my site sees about 3-5000 visitors a month and thursdays are usually my most popular view days. hope traffic comes your way!

    keep writing!