Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take 2!
I hit the send button too soon!

Anyway, I took Jadon to Swift Cantrell Park today so I could walk. This week I started the 5K Novice plan by Hal Higdon. Today was a walk or run day with no specifics. I decided to walk 2 miles.

Well, Jadon was great for the first mile and then had enough of being in the stroller. I put him in my Bjorn to finish my last mile. I looked pretty interesting wearing Jadon and pushing an empty stroller! He loved being in the Bjorn and fell fast asleep.

It is bed time now and my legs are sore! That happens when you add a 10 pound plus weight to your body and push a stroller! Tomorrow I am supposed to run a mile and a half - it just might be another walking day!

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