Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday # 4

  1. Good doctor's visit!  Jadon was all smiles for the doctor and was proudly showing off all the things he can do!
  2. A great nurse gave him his shot - he didn't cry or even make a sound! I think he was showing off for daddy, but I will definitely request the nurse next time! 
  3. I am not going crazy!  I put Jadon in his crib with his head to the left and when I checked on him his feet were where his head was!  Jadon had learned to move himself around on his back!
  4. Josh having some time off between jobs to help start packing for our upcoming move. 
  5. Starting to pack early.  Can you say paper plates and plastic silverware!
  6. My parents have had their house up for sale for less than a month and looks like they will be singing a contract soon with a closing around the beginning of September.
  7. I want a dining room set since my one Grandma gave me her china and the other one gave me her crystal. 
  8. Jadon sleeping until 8AM this morning!
  9. Moving causes me to look at all my stuff and decide if it is needed or not.  Lots of stuff going in in the trash and to Good Will.  Less is more! For the most part, I don't get attached strongly to stuff.
  10. Morning routine - Josh gets Jadon and changes his diaper while I make coffee.  For some reason Jadon cries when I get him - I think it is because he sees me and wants to eat right away and doesn't want to wait for his diaper to be changed.

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