Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday #3

1) Beautiful Crepe Myrtle Trees along my walking rout.
2) Safety First Comfy Seat Premier High Chair.
3) Resourceful husband.  He rigged a toy arch from the bouncy seat onto the high chair so Jadon can reach the toys.
4) Time to write this blog post thanks to the high chair and toys.
5) A very curious little boy.  I say that now, but what will I think when he is a toddler?
6) Getting in 3 workouts this week so far.
7) Being able to spend time with my parents this past weekend.  They live in Ohio but are moving to Nashville.
8) Italian Sweet Cream Creamer by Coffee Mate - my daily indulgence!
9) Being able to order pizza online from Jet's Pizza.
10) Riverstone Church - I love that the church has a private nursing room with the sermon on audio and that everyone understands how crazy it can be to try and take a almost 4 month old to church!


  1. Yay for the high chair! Hope to see you at Riverstone!

  2. oh, taking babies to church is a fun challenge. Our church building has a nursery with a speaker wired from the pulpit, but it isn't really loud enough to get everything that is going on or being said. I have always hated having to sit in the nursery!