Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 1 of Eat, Play, Sleep

In the months after Jadon was born, I read books and article on baby's sleep schedules.  Most said that after 3 months, babies start to consolidate sleep ~ they take fewer naps but sleep longer during those naps.  I loved the sound of that and thought about all of the things I would do during those longer naps!

At about 3months, Jadon started to take 2 - 3 hour nap in the swing and a few shorter naps.  Sometimes they were during the morning and sometimes they were later in the afternoon.  Cool, I thought.  He is starting to get into a rhythm. 

Reality check!  Schedule, what schedule? 

All of a sudden, the long naps stopped.  I have no clue why, they just did.  If he does fall asleep in the swing he only sleeps for about 30 minutes.  He is back to nursing through his naps.  I literally have to sit on the couch for 2 hours for him to get a good nap.  The second I try to get up to put him in his crib, he tries to start nursing again or starts crying as soon as his head hits the crib mattress.  This totally baffles me because when it is bedtime, I nurse him to sleep and put him down in the crib.  Most of the time he stays asleep, but even if he wakes he is able to go back to sleep on his own. 

I am going to try eat, play, sleep now that he is older and loves to play with his toys. I think he was about 2 months old when I met Candra (click her name for her blog) at the park and she told me a bit about it.  All I remember is the pattern, eat, play, sleep.  Apparently it comes from the Baby Wise book.  I am going to look into it more.

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  1. I got Jadon to sleep in his crib for an hour nap this morning, but spent 2 hours trying for an afternoon nap in the crib. I caved and I ended up holding him so he would get some sleep.